Sustainable, healthy and creative – this is our restaurantbio shop & workshop place “Hakuna Matata”. Enjoy delicious fresh dishes – mainly vegetarian and with consciousness for organic ingredients in Tamraght, on the coast of Morocco.


Tamraght, a village where everything is full of plastic. We want to take our responsibility to inspire people how to live with less plastic. See in this video what is the problem of this village. We were interviewing locals about the trash situation.

So what can we do as a “little fish” in the village? We cannot change others, we can just change ourself and inspire others.

Since one year we are trying to open this sustainable place. We were working hard and thought we can finalise it by ourself, but now we had to realize: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Help us with your skills as a volunteer (carpenter, chef, barista, artist, organising sustainable workshops) to form our project. 

Sustainability isn’t common in Morocco. So everything what is sustainable (even natural material as wood) and has quality is difficult to find and very expensive. Further some people in the village put us huge stones in our path. But: We believe in our vision to create a place of sustainability, where everyone (not only men as in a normal moroccan coffee) welcome, where we can hold free workshops on sustainable topics and where we can spread creativity and joy.


Help us with your handicraft, skills, passion and creativity as a volunteer. We are currently looking for people who like to do welding, working out sustainable ideas, holding workshops on sustainable topics, cooking, taking pictures & social media, interior design, carpenters, decorators….

Logo is painted. Yay.

No plastic!

As a “green restaurant” we don’t want to waste food and we don’t want to generate plastic. That’s why we would love to use water filters instead of plastic bottles, why we motivate customers to bring their own tupperware to our restaurant for taking a dish or juice takeaway.

Our village Tamraght has a huge plastic & rubbish problem, so we won’t provide any takeaway materials which are going to end up in nature. We tried to find solutions with biodegradable takeaway containers, but for the moment these solutions are too expensive.