Future workshops

Our intention is to bring in the thought of sustainability to the area of Agadir (Morocco). We would like to show not only possibilities how you can build a place with almost using no plastic but we would like to take responsability for our role of education.

We are planning FREE workshops covering topics of sustainability and environment, which are open FOR EVERYONE. We would like to cover topics like:

  • Recycling: How can we separate rubbish in Morocco?
  • Compost: What can we do with our natural leftovers? How can we make valuable earth out of rubbish?
  • Living plastic-free: How can change our habits to replace plastic as much as possible in our daily life?

Participate at our sustainability workshops

  • DIY: What can we create out of natural material? How can we make furniture without using plastic?
  • Vegetarian/vegan cooking: How can we nourish ourself without harming anyone?


  • Permaculture: How does permaculture work? What are the possibilities in Morocco?
  • Healthy lifestyle: How can I bring my body, soul and mind more in balance?
  • Water: How can we deal with the water problem in poor countries? How can we reduce our waste of water?

Are you an expert in one of these topics or would like to come and share your point of view in another sustainable topic? We are more than happy to get your email: lovenature@hakunamatatamaroc.com

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