1. Radio Top Morningshow with Luca Della Rosa, 9.4.2018

2. Seetaler Bote, 12.4.2018, Read it as Artikel Seetaler Bote PDF

Artikel Seetaler Bote Ausschnitt April 2018 Kopie
Seetaler Bote, 12.4.2018 “Macherin” lebt Nachhaltigkeit vor

3. Friday Magazine, 18.4.2018. Read the whole article 

Friday Magazine 18.4.2018

4. Radio Sunshine with Evelyn Leemann, 8.4.2018

Sarah got invited to present Hakuna Matata at Radio Sunshine in Rotkreuz. It was an amazing feeling to be back on the mik after giving up her radio career 7 years ago. Listen to the whole podcast (under Highlights).