Fresh. Healthy. Homemade. Mainly organic. Mainly vegetarian and vegan. Ingredients from our local bio certified farmer.

Stay curious. You will never know what dishes you will find at Hakuna Matata, because it is changing daily/weekly. We are working with the season. Means some days the weather is dry and you don’t get tomatoes, another day it was raining and you get a variety of veggies. Our restaurant represents what is happening in the nature.

Also we are working with different cooks. Every cook brings in his own style of cooking. Sometimes you can get asian inspired kitchen, sometimes oriental or italian kitchen.


Discover our bowls, salads, woks and sweet treats. All homemade. Including glutenfree & vegan options.


Apart of the plasticindustry of Coke and Co. we will serve you daily fresh juices, homemade ice tea and of course COFFEE, cappuccino and fresh herbal tea.

All our products are served in glass, wood or porcelain.


We try to use as many bio products as possible. Bio products are very rare in Morocco as most of the veggies you can find on the local market are grown by using pesticides (financed by Europe!!!).

For us quality is We are going to work with the only biocertified farmer in our area. And as you know from the western world: Bio has its price. We try to make it as payable as possible.

But: Unfortunately fruits you can’t get biocertified in Morocco. So we will note in the menu what is bio quality and what not.

For dry ingredients we are working with a french bio distributor who’s products we are going to sell in the bio shop next door which is planned in future. These prices are fixed by the distributor.